''Tadkeshwar'' is Located In Google Maps And Other Maps As Named ''Tarkeshwar'' so it also spelt as "Tarkeshwar",The History Behind My lovely Town's Name,I 've Described it in Third Paragraph (HISTORY). Geographically town is located in the District of Surat, Gujarat, India, situated Approximately 36-40 km away from Surat City and on the Kim-Mandvi Road,from NH-8 the town is at north of the River Tapti. It belongs to the Mandvi Taluka of Surat Panchayat, and is very close to Bharuch District.Simpally I Can Tell That My town ''Tadkeshwar'' is Located Between Surat And Bharuch,And Also Between Mumbai And Ahmedabad. It has a population of about 18,000 people, with a slight majority of Sunni Vohra Muslims and the remainder Hindus of various castes, including a number of Tribal Hindus. Most of the families are engaged in agriculture. A large part of the population is settled abroad including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Zambia, Barbados and Panama. A large part of the Muslim population also migrated to Pakistan post 1947 and today are Pakistani citizens settled mainly in Karachi.


The town was previously a Rajput town called Bhim-Nagar derived from the name of Raja Bhimdev I of the Solanki dynasty, who ruled most of Gujarat at the time. During Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna's invasions into Gujarat, the town was both attacked and conquered by his armies, sometime between the years 1024-1026AD. Thirty Five thousand Ghaznavid soldiers are said to have conquered the town. This is attested by the fact that old stones can be found around the town with the name of the conqueror Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi engraved on them. Since Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna was himself of Turkic origin and his armies consisted of Turks, Persians and Afghans from Afghanistan/Afghan Turkestan after the conquest the town became known as Turk-sar, which in the Turkic language means 'beset by the Turks'. Over time, the words combined to form "Tarkeshwar". Most of the town's original Hindu population were killed. Some Rajputs in the town are said to have converted to Islam. Some of his soldiers settled in the town and over time adopted the use of Rajput surnames or titles. A common surname today found in Tadkeshwar is Turki, which literally means of Turkic origin. Some families in Tadkeshwar claim to be descended from the Ghaznavid soldiers that settled in the town and there are many families in which light skin and Blue eyes is noticed including Chauhan, Nakhuda, Bana, Ingar, Saeed and Kazi.The town has a subsequent history of foreign and local settlements including Parsi's, Nakhuda's and Pashtuns. Many pious Muslims and saints are associated with the town and are responsible for many people embracing Islam. Four mausoleums dedicated to Muslim saints surround the town at all four directions, and are said to give the town divine blessing. Two of the more famous saints are Hazrat Maulana Nizamuddin Bajouri, an Afghan Pashtun from Bajour, who lived and died in Tadkeshwar in the 19th century; and his disciple Hazrahaikh Moosaji Mehtar. Their graves are located together on a hill and are often visited by the locals


Today, the majority of Tadkeshwar is populated by Muslims, and about 40% are Hindus and generally the town's politics and affairs are dominated by the Muslims and hence it is known as a Muslim town. Both communities share cordial and good relations. The communities are however separated into Muslims streets and Hindu streets. The town has seven mosques and three Hindu Temples including a Jain Temple. The more prominent Muslim families are Chauhan, Nakhuda, Bana, Ingar, Turki, Kazi, Desai, Mehtar, Arya, Dedat, Nurgat and Patel. Among the Hindu families Brahmins, Rajputs, Parmars, Solanki, Ahirs as well as Patels, Shah and Kathiawar's are found. The town also has a Parsi street, and previously they were many Parsi's most of whom have now moved to Mumbai or Surat and today only one elderly member of this community remains. There is also one Afghan (Achakzai) family originally from Spin Boldak in Kandahar, settled in the village since 1947. They still speak Pashto among themselves and Urdu with others. The patriarch of this family Maulana Sher Ali Kandahari is the most senior Maulana in the town's Madressa and was born in Afghanistan. There is also one Sikh family.And also seedat rawat familly live in tadkeshwer as humble request to all my relatives and all residence of tadkeswer we can make world wide one please keep in tuch through each other


Tadkeshwar has a large and very old madrassa Darul uloom Falah-e-Darain, where hundreds of Muslim students from far afield as Sudan and Srinagar in India go to become Alims and Qaris. The old mosque also contains an inscription in Persian language

The town has its own water works system and electricity and telephone networks are provided to the whole town. The town also has its own bazaar, high school, three hospitals and two graveyards with many old stones.

Tadkeshwar also has two lignite mines and a canal. The masoleams of two saints Hazrat Maulana Nizamuddin Bajouri, and Hazrat Shaikh Moosaji Mehtar are also located in the village.

The closest railhead is Kim.

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